Diamonds Jewelry Engagement Rings Antique Settings Platinum & Gold Certified Loose Diamond at Wholesale Price from Fancy Diamonds

Diamonds Jewelry Engagement Rings Antique Settings Platinum & Gold Certified Loose Diamond at Wholesale Price from Fancy Diamonds

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Diamond Rings and Loose Fancy Diamonds are our specialty. Fancy Diamond is the world's leading diamond information and related resources.  Combining promotion with education, we help you choose or design your oval princess emerald round radiant marquise cut platinum engagement ring to last a lifetime.  Fancy Diamond offers low prices on high quality loose diamonds guaranteed!!  All our diamonds are 100% Natural and Certified by Institute of America. We have cut out the middle man to give you up to 50-70% discount below retail prices. Fancy Color Diamonds are available in loose yellow diamond and sapphire engagement ring or on any of our top quality diamond ring settings. The shape of a diamond can play an important role in determining its price. For example, a small, 0.08-carat square may cost up to 16% more than a round diamond of the same weight, color, and quality. On the other hand, a two-carat round might cost 16%-31% more than a two-carat square diamond of the same color and quality. In sizes over 1/4 carat, rounds diamond marquise-shapes usually cost more than other shapes. The proportion difference can very, though, depending on the size and quality of the stone, the supply and demand at the time of sale, and the dealer selling the stones. Since the pricing of the different shapes is complex, it's easiest for consumers to simply compare stones of the same shape when pricing diamonds. Perhaps you are wondering why round and fancy shape diamonds are priced differently. There are a variety of reasons. Small rounds are sometimes priced lower than fancy shapes because of a lower inventory and labor costs. The additional labor cost of small fancies is partially due to the specialized skills needed to cut them. Small rounds sell more quickly so less of a profit margin is needed to cover the cost of keeping them in inventory. Itís less time consuming to cut, measure, and select small rounds than small fancy shapes. Consequently, labor cost can be lower. However, the price differential between small round and fancy shape diamonds sometimes decreases to the point where both are priced about the same during periods of very high demand fro small rounds. Inventory cost for large rounds can be just as high as those for large fancy shapes because there are fewer buyers in the market for larger, more expensive diamonds. In addition, there is a greater demand for round diamonds than for fancies, so large round tend to cost more than most fancy shapes of the same size and quality. The shape of a round diamond crystal before it is cut also plays a role in diamond pricing. When long crystals are cut into ovals, pears, and emerald cuts, they normally weigh more than if they had been cut into rounds. This means per carat cost of the fancy shape can be lower than a round and still bring the same amount of profit from the original round diamond. Marquise diamonds are currently an exception to the above generalizations. Their cost has risen to levels equal to and higher than that of round diamonds because of a very high diamond and low supply. In the United States, there are an unusually large number of requests for lower and medium quality marquise diamonds. Consequently, these grades of marquises sometimes exceed the cost of rounds. Based on the history of marquise prices, if demand for them drops, their prices will also drop. Whether a diamond is an emerald cut or a square or rectangular brilliant cut seems to have little effect on prices. Therefore, you can expect, for example, a princess cut to be priced similarly to a square emerald cut of the same size and quality. These categories are arranged below from the most expensive to the lease expensive. Supply and demand are the main determinants of the price structure. Colorless also called exceptional white or collection. Completely colorless diamonds are so rare and expensive that jewelers will seldom use them for their regular inventory pieces. Often these diamonds are reserved for custom made jewelry. Near colorless also called white. This is the second most expensive color group for diamonds. When these diamonds are mounted in jewelry, even expert may find it difficult or impossible to distinguish them from colorless diamonds. Fine quality stores usually have some jewelry with white diamond in their inventory. Discount stores generally canít afford to use these diamond sin their jewelry. Faint Yellow also called top silver. Diamonds with a tinge of yellow are fairly common. Consequently, they are less expensive than colorless diamonds and often used in discount jewelry. This does not mean they are inferior. Some people prefer yellow tint because it conveys a feeling of warmth or because it might look good with their skin color. Fine quality jewelry stores also use these diamonds in their jewelry in order to meet the needs of their client. In order to see the difference between colorless and faint yellow diamonds when they are mounted in jewelry, you will probably have to put jewelry prices with the two qualities side by side. The yellowish diamonds will blend in more with the gold and the colorless diamonds ill provide more of a contrast and probably look brighter. Light brown informally called brownies. Brownish tinted diamonds are the least expensive color of diamonds used for jewelry. If diamond rings are being promoted at unusually low prices, there is a good chance that brownish good have been used. This does not mean that these rings are of inferior quality. It only means that the store can afford to offer them at a lower price because it paid less probably 31% to 51% less for brownish than for white diamonds. The promotional term for brownish tinted diamonds is champagne diamonds. Darker brown diamonds are sometime referred to as fancy cognac.

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We can help you make your dream 3 stone diamond ring in with any size, shape or quality diamond to fit your lifestyle! Call and speak with one of our professional platinum engagement ring and sapphire diamond engagement rings. We have the largest selection of diamonds and settings, white gold engagement ring, platinum engagement rings with Round Princess Emerald Cut Diamonds or any shape of your choice. Diamond Ring Settings are available in Visible or Invisible Settings. We also have available, our unique line of Custom Made Jewelry. Free Overnight Shipping.  Free Catalog. Free Information about buying a white gold Diamond Engagement Rings. Our popular Hand Engraved Three Stone Engagement Ring is just beautiful. All of our Platinum Engagement Rings are craftsmanship and uniquely designed to fit your lifestyle. We offer a Fine Selection of diamond ring setting that allowed you to design your own diamond ring just the way you have always dream about. Any diamond setting we carry is available in platinum, white gold or 14k yellow gold.  Any diamond shape from our certified loose diamonds can be used in the Three Stone Ring such as Emerald Cut Diamond Ring.  View our unique custom Three Stone Diamond Ring Settings. Fancy Diamond manufacturers all diamond ring settings on-site. Quality without broken promises.  Buying certified diamonds like emerald cut doesn't have to take months or even weeks.  All of our loose shape diamonds are certified even.  All Diamond is 100% Natural.  No enhancements at all. Fancy Diamond has diamond necklaces, tennis bracelets, earrings, diamond pendants.  All made with high quality.  Shop around..."You'll be back".  At our prices, we're practically giving away diamonds. Try our "design your own diamond ring and your loose yellow diamonds." Buy Diamond Settings or sapphire and get Free Shipping including $150 Discount for any platinum engagement diamond rings.

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