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Antique Engagement Ring

Here at Fancy Diamond you will find the largest selections of Antique Ring, most with diamonds or color stones, all our antique rings are available in platinum, white or yellow gold and can be sized to fit exactly your ring size.

You may choose the center stone for your antique diamond ring from our certified diamonds like round, princess cut, oval, emerald, asscher cut, radiant, marquise or any different shape diamonds.


all the antique engagement rings come with a lifetime warranty and appraised for at least double the purchase price.

If you don't find the antique engagement ring that you are looking for please feel free to contact us at


The antique engagement ring you choose will be determined primarily by your personal taste. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to be familiar with a few of the most common antique rings so that you have a working vocabulary and some idea of what is available. since 1980 we have been selling antique jewelry to the public at wholesale prices, helping people find just the perfect antique engagement ring at best possible price.

Antique Engagement Rings Buying Guide:

What antique setting style is best for your stone? To answer this question, you will need to know what styles there are to choose from and what advantages each has to offer. Here, the choices are as varied as ring designers.
  • Prong Settings
  • Channel Setting
    Invisible Set  
  • When you want to buy an antique engagement ring you will need to pick the type of the metal first such as platinum, white or yellow gold, then choose your favorite diamond cut by finding the right quality that fit your budget and taste, to learn more about clarity, color and cut check our education center.
     many people choose a ring style only on the basis of how pretty it looks, and this is normal. However, you should also ask if the antique engagement ring is:
    1- Flattering to your hand
    2- Suitable for your needs
    3- Comfortable
    4- Well-crafted
    5- Worth the price
    No matter how practical or valuable a ring is, there's no point in buying it if you don't like the style, our antique engagement rings has so many different styles, just to make sure that you will going to find the perfect ring.
    Once you have decided that the ring you choose is attractive, give us a call and we do the rest.

    Don't forget to check our antique engagement rings clearance that will save you time and money.

    You can be assured that a diamonds from fancy diamond will be a treasured for generations.

    Place your order today and received $150 Discount on your first time purchase and get also a free overnight shipping.

    After all you are about to invest in a very rare and wonderful jewel

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