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Fancydiamondinc.com the home of the fancy colored diamond.     There are blue diamond, black, natural yellow,  pink color,  pinkish red, dark even gray, green, yellowish light and intense shades.   As a jewelry wholesaler, Fancydiamondinc.com can offer to the public to purchase fancy colored loose diamonds at a fraction on the retail cost.  Any of the fancy colored diamonds can be set in platinum, white gold and 14k yellow gold diamond ring.  Fancy colored diamonds come in many shapes including cushion cut, oval, and radiant.   Buy engagement diamonds at fancydiamondinc.com 

No matter the color shape or size, Fancydiamondinc.com guarantees the lowest price in the country.

These expensive diamonds exist in a rainbow of light and intense colors:  yellow, red, pink, blue, green, purple, and a lot of various shades in between.

Natural fancy color diamonds get their color and special effects in many ways:

  • Different trace elements that are present in the stones. For example, the presence of nitrogen gives us a yellow diamond.

  • Exposure from radiation during the diamond's creation. Green diamonds are a perfect example of gems affected by radiation.

  • Inclusions, normally undesirable in a colorless diamond, often contribute unique tones and interesting intense flashes in a fancy color diamond.

    Fancy colored diamonds are getting more and more popular.  Gemologists are developed ways to create less expensive versions by treating less desirable diamonds. Irradiation, followed by a high heat treatment, turns brownish and yellow diamonds into colorful  eye popping diamond.

    Treatments make it possible for more of us to own fancy color diamonds, because natural colored diamonds are rare and expensive. Diamond enhancements should always be disclosed, and you should assume that any affordable fancy color diamond has been treated in some way. If you question a stone's origins, ask for a lab certificate to verify its authenticity.

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