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Looking for the best selection of Diamond Rings? Well Fancy Diamond has the finest and the most beautiful diamond rings at Guaranteed low price. We offer a variety of diamond rings style such as an antique style diamond rings, three stone rings, anniversary rings, wedding rings, engagement rings and solitaire rings in platinum, white gold or yellow gold. We are specialist in custom rings, you can design you own and we will make your unique dream ring come true.

Buying a Diamond Ring is a lifetime experience. Learn the basic steps about choosing the right ring it will save you money and time.
Here is the most important things you need to know about diamond rings:
Today rings buyers can get more educated by shopping on line and compare different styles, prices, and learn how to buy wholesale prices.  People are used to buying retail and paying high dollars and high mark up prices, we offer a discount wholesale prices on all our diamond rings including a lifetime warranty on the diamond settings. Buy direct from the source and save the entire middlemen markup.
Choose a stone for your ring is one of the most important things; every person has a different taste and a different lifestyle, so you may choose a diamond or a color gemstone like sapphire or ruby.
The most popular diamond Shape are:
round, princess cut, emerald, asscher, pear, oval, marquise, radiant, or even a fancy cut as cushion cut, trillion, heart, trapezoid.
Educated you self when it come to buying a diamond, learn how the 4C's can effect the sparkle of your diamond.
The Four C's is Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.

Diamond cut: don't confuse diamond "cut" with "shape". Diamond cut is a reference to the diamond's reflective qualities, not the shape. Cut is the most important fact of the four Cs is the cut, so it is important to understand how this quality affects the properties and values of a diamond. A diamond with shallow or deep cut will look so dull and just like a piece of glass, no fire in it. Well-cut ideal diamond reflects the light and gives the diamond a brilliant and sparkle.

Diamond Color: Color is a result of the composition of the diamond, and it never changes over time. Most traditional color is the white color diamonds, but there is also a fancy color diamonds (yellow, pink, black, blue, orange, champagne).
Colorless diamonds (D-E-F) are the Highest-grade color; rings with colorless diamond are so rare and expensive. Near colorless (G-H-I-J), rings with near colorless diamond still so pretty and white color. Faint color diamond start with K up to N color. If your setting is white gold or platinum, you may wish to opt for a higher color grade than if the setting is yellow gold.

Diamond Clarity: is a measure of a diamond's internal flaws and impurities. A low quality grade could make the diamond cloudy. Diamonds are graded for clarity under 10x loupe magnification. Grades range from Flawless (diamonds which are completely free of blemishes and inclusions), to Included 3 (diamonds which possess large, heavy inclusions that are visible to the naked eye). Clarity grades F through SI, inclusions (internal flaws) are NOT visible to the naked eye. Find out witch diamond is the best for your ring and for your budget.

Diamond Carat: is the weight of the diamond measured in carats? One carat is divided into 100 "points," Deciding on carat size is really about striking a balance between size and quality.

Diamond Rings Style: There are a variety of styles to choose from, but always find the ring style that will fit your life style. Diamond rings are not just a piece of jewelry; it is also a symbol of love, graduation or any kind of celebration.  Diamond rings can be worn every day or casually. So many different style rings are meant to wear anywhere or everyday. Such as promise rings, engagement rings, anniversary rings, wedding rings or diamond cocktail rings.
Rings settings are how the precious stones are held in the engagement ring. There are a few different types available in diamond engagement rings, such as bezel set, prong setting, channel setting, and invisible setting. Next you have to find out the type of metal for your diamond ring setting. The most popular choices are 18k or 14k gold in either yellow gold or white gold, and platinum.

No matter what you are in the market for instance; engagement rings, 3 stone rings, anniversary rings, platinum or white gold rings, you will find the best deal here at: Fancy Diamond.

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