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Diamond Setting

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Antique Three Stone Engagement Solitaire
diamond setting

Diamond Settings Anniversary Pendant 14K Gold

Diamond Setting come in many different shapes and sizes.  Picking the right shape of the stone on your ring can be a stressful ordeal.  That is why we can remove the stress by offering every mounting available, such as Antique Style , Platinum Engagement Rings, Platinum Solitaires and every possible setting you could dream up.  Your can put Asscher Cut, Heart Shape, Marquise Cut, Oval Cut, Pear Brilliant, Radiant Cut, Round Brilliant, Trillion Cut or Fancy Yellow stones in any of our Diamond Settings. 

What style is best for your stone? To answer this question, you will need to know what styles there are to choose from and what advantages each has to offer. Here, the choices are as varied as ring designers.

Once you recognize these differences, you'll be prepared to analyze each ring at a glance and make a choice based on those elements that best please your taste.

Prong Style: This is the most common type for setting, especially for ladies' solitaire diamond rings. Prong type is the one most often used to hold a solitaire. Prong style puts the emphasis on the stones and not the metal. It involves fitting the diamond in a metal head or basket and securing it with a minimum of three prongs or metal claws. The purpose of any mounting is to hold the diamonds securely in the mounting and at the same time allow light to enter the stone for maximum brilliance. The shape of the prongs can vary. They may be rounded, elongated or pointed. There are many decorative variations of this mounting style.

Channel Style: This style is often used for wedding bands, but it may also be used to accent center stones. The diamonds are suspended in a channel of vertical walls with no metal separating the stones. Channel style protects the girdle are of the stones as well as provide a smooth ring surface. None of the edges are exposed, and so they are not subject to hard knocks or general wear and tear.

Pave Style: In this type, diamonds are fit into tapered holes and set almost level with the surface of the ring. Then some of the surrounding metal is raised to form beads which hold the stones in place. Sometimes the metal around the bead-set stones is raised or engraved to form decorative patterns. When there are three or more rows of diamonds in this way without partitions between the stones, it is called pave.

Invisible Style Setting: Invisible-set diamonds are placed tightly next to each other with the metal concealed underneath the diamonds, allowing them to form a continuous surface. it enhances brilliance because there's no metal on top of the stone to impede the entry of light.

Flush Stone Style: is a popular style for people who use their hands a lot in their professions; it offers good protection for their diamonds. They are sunk into the mounting until they are nearly level or flush with the surface. Only the table of the diamond and a bit of the upper pavilion facets show.

Bezel Style: is a band of metal that surrounds the stone and holds it in place. They have become popular now as attractive settings for stone. The bezel may either fully or partially encircle the stone. A bezel is a collar of precious metal that wraps around the loose stone. The bezel is attached to the top of the ring and stands up above it, adding height and another dimension to the settings. Although solid bezels have a very traditional look, the bezel may be 'split' into two sections, arcing around just part of the diamond.

 Our specialty are in custom made Diamond Setting.

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