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Diamond Settings-Engagement Ring Setting

Diamond Ring Settings come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  We carry diamond engagement ring settings in platinum and white gold.  Our antique diamond ring setting inventory is very unique and rare.  Another popular style is the tension setting, which holds the diamond ,diamond ring, diamond pave ring setting, invisible setting diamond ring, cathedral diamond ring setting, cluster diamond high ring setting. diamond loose ring setting, bezel diamond ring setting, platinum diamond ring setting, diamond gold ring setting white, diamond ring setting solitaire

diamond ring settings

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diamond settings

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Diamond Settings Diamond Settings




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Diamond Settings-2004 Diamond Settings-2005 Diamond Settings-2006 Diamond Settings-2007 Diamond Settings-2008






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Diamond Settings come in many different shapes and sizes.  Picking the right shape of the diamonds on your ring can be a stressful ordeal.  That is why we can remove the stress by offering every Diamond Settings available, such as Antique Style , Platinum Engagement Ring Settings, Platinum Settings and every possible Setting you could dream up.  Your can put Asscher Cut, Heart Shape, Marquise Cut, Oval Cut, Pear Brilliant, Radiant Cut, Round Brilliant, Trillion Cut or Fancy Yellow Diamonds in any of our Diamond Settings.  We have our own manufacturer on the premises so there is no waiting for your customized.  Every person has different taste and personality.  The type of Setting you choose reflects the type of person you are.  You can be Classy Diamond Settings, Flashy or just Simple. Our Settings can be custom made and custom fit, for even the smallest fingers.  All of our  come in Platinum, White Gold and 14K Gold Yellow Gold.  All of our Diamond Settings come with our Lifetime Guarantee. You would be surprised how many men call and tell us what diamond setting his fiancée' or wife would like.  Once the woman calls the setting is 9 times out of 10 changed.  This is how well our Men know us.  We offer you Free Ring Size, Discount of 50-70% Below Retail Prices, and free sizing.  We size your ring for FREE.  Free Cleaning.  Lifetime Warranty.  We give you 100% Customer Satisfaction on all your.  Our goal is to keep each and every customer a "lifetime customer."  Our Diamond Settings are upgraded every two weeks.  You will always have a current design when you purchase any of our Diamond Settings.  Our Custom Designers are from the United Kingdom, Paris, France and Italy.  With over three generations of Diamond Setting Experience.  We offer several different types of prongs for your Diamond Settings.  There are High prongs, Medium and Low.  We have 4 Prongs and 6 Prongs, however we recommend 6 Prong Settings to keep the diamond secure.  If you do not like high prongs, we also carry Bezel Prongs.  And for the pickiest person we have invisible prongs.  Now you know a lot more about Diamond Settings.

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