Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Be Sure I'm Getting A Real Diamond?
Perhaps the best way to protect yourself from a simulated diamond is to always purchase a certified diamond. By comparing your diamond to the measurements, weight, and plot diagram in the certificate, you can be sure your diamond and the certificate match and therefore, it is a real diamond. Only genuine diamonds are certified. There are also electronic diamond testers that your local independent appraiser can use to test for a genuine diamond. We want you to be thrilled with your purchase so we encourage you to do whatever it takes to feel you are getting a high value diamond.

How Can You Sell Quality Diamonds So Cheaply?
Our business is so simple that it is hard for some people to believe it works. We simply do everything possible to reduce or eliminate overhead. 

I Don't Live In Texas So Why Should I Buy From You?
Most of our business is with customers like you throughout the United States. It seems like a lot of people like the fact that we don't have to charge them sale tax if they are out of state. In some localities, that can add up to as much as 10% savings on top of our already low prices.

Why Aren't There More Businesses Like Yours?
One of our favorite sayings is, "If it were easy, everyone would be doing it." We have spent over 4 Generations in the industry developing diamond sources, learning about diamonds, and more importantly helping customers like you find the best value for their money. Most jewelers measure of success is defined in terms of how big a store they have, how many employees they employ, how much inventory they display, and how much mark up they can charge. We measure our success by how happy our customers are with their purchase, not just for the moment, but for years to come.

Is It Safe To Buy Diamonds Off The Internet?
While there has been much debate about the security of buying items off the internet, the reality is that the internet is probably no more dangerous a place to purchase an item than locally. This is especially true in the jewelry industry where many store owners have been known to "exaggerate" their claims in order to sell their products. Your challenge on the internet, just as with a local store, is to be educated and cautious when spending your hard earned money. The real dangers in shopping for any diamond are paying too much and not getting what you were promised. We work hard to get you a high quality diamond at a great price and rely on your referrals for our future business.

As A Shopper, What Can I Do To Get The Best Deal?
The best thing you can do to help us find you the best deal is to be open and honest. Once you realize we are on your side, you can understand that for us to be successful, we need to know exactly what you want. You need to have shopped, found out what she likes, and know what your budget is for this special purchase. We will do everything possible to help you from making an expensive mistake, but you must help us understand what it will take to thrill you with the diamond of your dreams.

What's The Difference Between A Certificate And An Appraisal?
A diamond certificate is a document containing the characteristics about the diamond that will make up its value, but does not include a price. Certificates are documents produced by independent laboratories that grade the diamond according to strict standards. An appraisal is an estimate of the monetary value of a diamond and usually contains a description of the diamond. One big difference is that a certificate can only be produced by a qualified laboratory. Certificates come from third-party organizations that have nothing to do with the ownership or sale of the diamond.

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